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Sealaska turns Headquarters into state’s first building heated by Biomass

December 29th, 2009 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

Nathan_Soboleff_photo_by_M.PennBy Kim Marquis | JUNEAU EMPIRE

Sealaska corporate executives are banking on the sometimes-truth, “If you build it, they will come,” by making a commitment to biomass as an energy source.

The company this month announced it will convert its Juneau headquarters from oil to a wood-fired boiler system. A stream of wood pellets will come from British Columbia until a regional provider can do it.

Sealaska‘s four-story building is too small to support the distribution system alone, so additional commercial building operators will have to follow Sealaska’s example and convert to biomass heat for the economics to work out.

Banking on others seeing the benefits is a risk, Sealaska Executive Vice President Rick Harris said.

“If you see me out there with a coal shovel next December you’ll know something didn’t work,” Harris said. CONTINUE »

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Senator Kookesh will fight fishing citation

August 28th, 2009 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

albertkookeshAccording to – Alaska state senator Albert Kookesh will challenge a fishing citation he received and seek a court opinion on whether a state wildlife officer has jurisdiction over subsistence fishermen on federal land.  Mr.  Kookesh is also the board chair of Sealaska, the Alaska native corporation for Southeast Alaska.

“I want NARF (Native American Rights Fund) involved with this. I want to make sure the Native community is involved with this. I want to make sure AFN is involved,” he said.

He has contacted Larry EchoHawk, head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and plans to speak to Kim Elton, the director of Alaska affairs for the Interior Department.

“We’ll see who wants to get on the bandwagon,” he said.

At an Aug. 12 hearing in Angoon, Kookesh and the three others pleaded not guilty to one count of exceeding the subsistence salmon limit. A trial is set for Oct. 5.  For the full story on, click here.

Juneau Empire updates the story here as of October 11, 2009.

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NativeCo News

Tate London

July 25th, 2009 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

“I am very proud to serve on the Sealaska Corporation Board of Directors. As a former scholarship recipient of Sealaska, I recognize the importance of gaining your education and trying to give something back to the Native community.”

Tate London was elected to the Sealaska Board of Directors in 2005. He serves on the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Elders’ Settlement Trust Board of Trustees and serves as a director for Sealaska Environmental Services, LLC. He is also an active Sealaska shareholder who has attended 15 of the last 17 Sealaska annual meetings prior to becoming a director, as well as many Celebrations over the years.

Tate is an assistant United States attorney for the Western District of Washington. He also serves as the tribal liaison to the United States Attorney’s Office. He works with representatives from 26 tribes within his district on issues ranging from public safety to preserving the integrity of Indian gaming. Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Tate was a partner in the law firm Cairncross & Hempelmann in Seattle.

He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Stanford University, and his Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School.

Tate is Tlingit, Raven/Dog Salmon, originally from Ketchikan, AK, and is the son of Sealaska shareholder, Ernie Boyd. He lives in Bothell, WA, with his wife, Debi, and their four children, Alyssa, Lacey, Kellen and Ellee.

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NativeCo News

The Amazing Intelligence of Crows

May 21st, 2008 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

This is a an entertaining video about the intelligence and adaptability of Crows. The small birds play a role in Tlingit culture, found as a crest and in many stories. But, this video reminds me of the crow’s larger cousin – the Raven. The Raven is much more prominent in Tlingit culture and is considered a powerful being. As a “trickster” and “shape-shifter”; Raven let’s “Daylight out of the box”. Many stories about the intelligent Raven.

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NativeCo News

Senator Ted Stevens speaks to Southeast Alaska Natives

February 20th, 2008 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

U.S. Senator Ted Stevens spoke Monday, February 18, 2007 at the Native Issues forum at the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB) hall in Juneau, Alaska. Senator Stevens is currently the longest serving Republican in the US Senate. It is hard to overstate his impact on Alaska Natives for the past 35 years.

Through his speech and the Q & A section, the Senator addressed many issues on the minds of SE Natives. He spoke most passionately about issues I happen to also feel very strongly about. These include the current situation of our villages and the feeling of young people “not having hope”. This is a serious problem.

Senator Stevens said “the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act would not be passed today.” He said “times have changed”. I could not agree more. The perception of Native Americans in general has changed dramatically since the early ’70s.

Video provided by True North Video Productions, LLC.

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