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Sitnasuak Native Corp.

Address Sitnasuak Native Corporation (SNC) was established under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act . Signed by President Nixon on December 18, 1971, the Act settled land ownership disputes between the U.S. and State governments and the aboriginal owners. On February 9, 1972, SNC was incorporated under Alaska State statutes as a land based profit corporation. With the land entitlement of 161,280 acres, we have received patent to 43,486 acres and interim conveyance to 109,417 acres, which is approximately 95% of the total. The corporation has also received 81,280 acres of Sec.12(b). The subsurface resources are owned by Bering Straits Regional Corporation. SNC, the largest of the 16 village corporations in the Bering Straits region had an initial enrollment of 2,054 shareholders in 1971. Currently, Sitnasuak shareholders have increased to 2,783 and growing through inheritance and gifting. Our corporate headquarters are located in Nome, Alaska. Native Cultures
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  Land Conveyed 240,000 acres