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Address Koniag's original share of the ANCSA settlement was $23 million, 800 acres of land and the "subsurface estate" of approximately 900,000 acres. Koniag was incorporated on June 23, 1972, to manage the land and financial assets on behalf of the corporation’s approximately 3,400 Alutiiq shareholders who originated from the Kodiak Archipelago. The corporation is headquartered in Kodiak, Alaska, and also maintains an office in Anchorage, Alaska. Through gifting and inheritance of shares, the number of shareholders has grown to approximately 3,600 today and there are nearly 700 descendants currently registered in Koniag’s database. Koniag's approach to business has evolved to meet new challenges, expanding opportunities and the needs of its shareholders. Koniag Development Corporation (KDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Koniag, operates as Koniag's business arm, managing most of the corporation’s real estate holdings and business operations, including oversight of nearly a dozen subsidiaries. Management of the corporation’s investment securities portfolio and ANCSA lands, as well as the performance of social and cultural duties remain Koniag, Inc. staff functions. Our Alutiiq people have a rich culture and heritage, and the Kodiak Archipelago Region has a unique geography that cannot be found anywhere else. The Koniag Board of Directors is dedicated to preserving the culture and land for future generations by keeping our businesses profitable to provide benefits such as dividends, education/employment opportunities, and a source for culture information to current and future shareholders. Native Cultures Alutiq, Aleut
Worldwide Employees
Phone 800-658-3818 Alaska Employees 43
www Shareholders 3,633
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  Land Conveyed 935,351