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Address Doyon, Limited, the Native regional corporation for Interior Alaska, is a for-profit corporation with more than 17,500 shareholders. Doyon operates a diverse Family of Companies in industries including oil and gas, government contracting and tourism, and has built a strong reputation for innovation and technical expertise. As the largest private landowner in Alaska, and one of the largest in North America, Doyon also has a deep connection to the land, and actively pursues responsible natural resources development on its lands. Native Cultures Athabaskan
Worldwide Employees
Phone 907-459-2000 Alaska Employees 2,054
www Shareholders 17,500
Email Original Shareholders
  Land Conveyed

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No RX Stromectol, Fairbanks, Alaska – (from Doyon press release) The Doyon, Limited Board of Directors appointed Aaron Schutt today as its new President and CEO. Schutt will assume the duties eff... VIEW »

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by Tim Mowry / Fairbanks Daily News Miner FAIRBANKS — Doyon No RX Flexeril, Ltd. wants to build a micro-hydroelectric project inside Denali National Park and Preserve to power Kantis... VIEW »

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