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CIRI buys North Wind, Inc., an environmental consulting company

January 5th, 2010 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

Story from FALLS – A huge announcement on Monday for a local company headquartered in Idaho Falls, it’s a consulting firm called North Wind Inc. The President, Sylvia Medina, announced that they’ve sold their company to CIRI, an Alaska Native corporation.  CIRI is an acronym for Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

This comes as North Wind, a company that started in Medina’s kitchen, has grown to a 115-million dollar corporation with nearly 400 employees.

With all the success and growth, Medina said she realized they’d need a bit more strength and manpower. That’s where CIRI comes in.

Nothing in the company will change – no job cuts or management changes – and Medina will remain the President of North Wind.

Medina is excited for the acquisition, hoping her company will continue to grow. But at the same time, she’s finding it difficult to let go of something she started.

“It was really hard for me, it’s like selling your baby and I love my baby and I wanted it to go to the right firm and CIRI and North wind, it’s going to be a great partnership.”

CIRI officially bought North Wind on December 31. Medina said one thing she’ll need to get used too it having a boss.

“It’s going to be hard, you know, knowing that I came to work this morning and I have a boss now, but he’s a great boss and CIRI will be great, it is emotional,” said Medina. “But you know I made this decision because it was the right thing to do for the company and the people in it. And so, I’m not going to start crying or anything because I did that last week, but it is an excellent thing to do.”

North Wind is an environmental management, engineering, and construction services company. Since 2005, they have doubled their amount of employees, even in the midst of the recession.

According to Lori townsend with APRN, Northwind was started in Chugiak about a dozen years ago.

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