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BBNC passes resolution about Pebble Road

June 17th, 2009 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

The Bristol Bay Native Corporation remains “proactively neutral” about the Pebble Project.  The report below implies BBNC is putting a halt to the road building ambitions of the Pebble Project when in reality BBNC continues to remain neutral.

The following story is based on a radio interview in which Jason Metrokin, President & CEO of BBNC states, “While we’re continuing to find out more about the project, we’re continuing to do our fact finding… We realized that one of the major components of this project that we actually have control over is the subsurface acreage to the potential road corridor between the mine site and the port site. A large portion of that road actually covers Native corporation grounds.”  Listen to the full story from Dillingham’s KDLG radio station by clicking here.

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