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Alice Rogoff majority owner of

August 24th, 2009 Posted By: Morgan Howard No Comments

alaskadispatchcomThe “Alaska Ear” reports the following:

NEW GAME . . . Earwigs report Alice Rogoff, an Outside zillionaire with an interest in Alaska Native art, has bought Alaska Dispatch, the news Website started last year by Tony Hopfinger and Amanda Coyne. (

Rogoff, who is being called co-owner, will be the publisher while Tony remains editor.

Now in the process of expanding, Dispatch has hired Channel 2 reporter/anchor Jill Burke — maybe the best TV reporter in town; Maia Nolan, one of Ear’s favorite local bloggers; and News-Miner reporter Rena Delbridge.

It adds up to a promise of good content, but the eternal question remains: Will they be able to make enough money to survive when the Rogoff cash dries up?alice_rogoff

The “Alaska Ear” is a self-described “Alaska politics and political hijinks” section of written by Sheila Toomey.  The Alaska Dispatch is an online only Anchorage based website covering news in Alaska.  It has dubbed itself in the past as a “Magazine” rather than focusing on “breaking local news”.  Alice Rogoff is Co–founder and Chair of Alaska Native Arts Foundation, an Alaska non-profit corporation.

UPDATE:  For more information about this – read the founders Tony Hopfinger and Amanda Coyne talk about it in their blog about the subject – here.

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