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Alaska Peninsula Corporation

Address Alaska Peninsula Corporation (APC) is a merged village corporation with 806 Alaska Native shareholders. APC was formed in 1978 when the village corporations for Port Heiden and South Naknek merged. In short succession, the Village Corporations for Ugashik (1980), Kokhanok (1980), and Newhalen (1981), joined APC. APC, which owns over 400,000 acres of land, is a major land owner in the Bristol Bay region. APC’s land holdings extend from the west side of Iliamna Lake, to the lower portion of the Alaska Peninsula. Included in APC’s holdings are some of the worlds’ most prolific and purest watersheds, with trophy fishing and hunting constituting a significant portion of APC’s revenues. The lands are also a cultural treasure, as the ancestors of APC’s Native shareholders have existed and subsisted on the bounty of these lands for thousands of years. APC’s 806 shareholders are highly diversified. Many continue to subsist upon the rich bounties of our lands. A number of our shareholders of all ages have or are completing college programs and a significant number have advanced degrees. Educational pursuits include educators, lawyers, doctors, and leaders in business technology and engineering, as well as politics and civil rights. Native Cultures
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