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Address Ahtna, Incorporated is one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations established by Congress under terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971. Ahtna, Inc., owns in fee title, approximately 1,528,000 acres conveyed in December 1998 from an entitlement of 1,770,000 acres. Seven of the eight villages within the Ahtna Region are merged with Ahtna, Inc., and all eight are Federally Recognized Tribes. A thirteen-member board directs corporate operations. Ahtna Inc. has approximately 1200 shareholders, of which the majority reside in the Copper River Region. Headquartered in Glennallen, Ahtna, Inc., is committed to providing a broad range of opportunities for its shareholders and preserving their Native culture. Ahtna has eight operating subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are involved in government contracting, civil and vertical construction, pipeline maintenance, environmental remediation, surveying, facilities maintenance, administrative and janitorial services, food service contractors, tourism, forestry and gravel sales. The corporation's efforts are for growth and diversification as well as management of its land, mineral and human resources. Native Cultures
Worldwide Employees 100
Phone (907) 822-3476 Alaska Employees 50
www Shareholders 5000
Email Original Shareholders 640
  Land Conveyed 35000